I’m so sorry if this song gets stuck in your head. Kind of.

Sometimes the best course of action you can take is to shower and wash your hair while dancing and lip syncing to “Mony Mony” that’s playing in your head, while also letting your husband come get a handful of whatever he wants a handful of because the child is sleeping and we must take advantage of those moments.

It’s taking time with myself, re-connecting to me after the last week and a half of fun, visitors, and busybusybusy. I didn’t eat enough vegetables. I can feel it. But there’s always another chance to welcome them back in. Today is that day.

Broccoli, my friend, I’m looking at you.

August will undoubtedly get a little crazy, September more so. I will remain fed, exercised, rested, and fun! Shoulders will be down, I say!

It’s a new month. Let’s make it good.




4 thoughts on “I’m so sorry if this song gets stuck in your head. Kind of.

  1. Ugh August has so far been…well it’s been good but kind of a bummer… I’m trying to be more active. I made a bunch of goals and I’m seriously bumbed I haven’t hit not 1. I don’t know what to do at this point, but seeing your optimisim is helping. Good job girl! Keep it up…and I hope I can do the same. #istillhavetimeright?


    • #thereisALWAYStime
      What are your specific goals and how can you start small to get yourself there? I know, I know, it’s always so much easier said than done, but you can absolutely do it!


      • My goals are in the works now. At first I was doing great, but it’s all a mind set and then started doing bad. However, I know at least I’m trying now!!

        Sorry I get online for a bit and check out blogs. Keeps me entertained and away from social media.

        Night! Hope September is looking good for you.



  2. Haha, I completely understand. No need to apologize! Social media has its pros and cons, so I get it. I’m glad you’re working toward your goals! That’s all we can do, really. I’m currently researching more school programs for counseling. It’s exciting. With Harvey, I feel that he solidified my desire to counsel those in need. Cheers to a better month!


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