Oh, May. You have been somethin’ else. And you’ve been here for a really long time. Aren’t you tired? Your rest is almost here. I finally woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated this morning, for the first time all month.

School has ended for me. I received my diploma in the mail this week, and I cried when I opened it up (with the help from Aaron, because what is that tube it came in?!) and unraveled it. I began that degree in high school at 16, and I was so excited and ready for the challenge. I took off of school at 19 to do an AmeriCorps program, City Year. Fast forward to 3:00 and you will see me, as Tiara Stockard. That video took my team forever to make because we could not stop laughing.

Anyhow, after that was over, I went back to school at 20, then stopped again at 22. Then became pregnant. Dun dun dun! After having Julia at 23, I probably could have taken online classes, but I was terrified, and had little faith in my own abilities at that time. I found Lamar’s online program and enrolled at 27. I completed it at 29. What a relief! What a huge personal accomplishment! That part is over. I finally have figured out what I want to do in my life. Sort of. I want to help people. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Stay tuned.

In other news, JB is READING and sleeping in her own bed. I was only slightly concerned when she wasn’t reading before she started school. I had heard enough about kids picking it up when they’re ready, and that brought me comfort. And that is exactly how it’s been for her. One day it was like, “OMG, YOU ARE READING!” And it is precious and incredible and so cool. She can text family members now, and read what they send back. She reads everything. I love it.

Now transitioning her into her own bed was initiated by me, because 3 people in a full size bed was no good for my sleep, or Aaron’s. Of course, she slept wonderfully. But it was time. It wasn’t too bad, and she appreciates her own sleeping space now. This morning she woke up to use the restroom, came into the room, kissed my cheek, and crawled back into her bed. Goodness, she is the sweetest child. Mostly. But aren’t we all that way?

May has brought many other challenges, all of which we have handled, maybe not gracefully, but handled nonetheless. And time marches on.


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