Jiggly Arms

Yesterday I woke up at 6am to prepare for my day. I would be teaching Pop Pilates and our community workout at the gym. I felt well rested, and even got to enjoy the sunrise while sipping warm water on the porch, and getting cuddles from Ginger kitty. Then like ten minutes into it the mosquitoes came out, and I was like, “You guys ruin everything.” and retreated back inside. After a delicious breakfast it was time to get dressed. I knew it would be warm, so I put on a tank top. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and practiced arm circles while looking at my arms.


More than I wanted them to. I’ve been nursing a bum shoulder for weeks now that hasn’t allowed me to exercise like I want to, and it’s taken a bit of a toll on me, physically and mentally. I stood there and contemplated what to do. Change shirts, obviously. Nobody wants to see the instructor’s jiggling arms. Instructors shouldn’t have jiggling arms! Then I made eye contact with myself and was like, “Really, Tiara? Wear the damn tank top.”

And I did. And then I went and did what I love to do, and both classes were filled with beautiful people who came and worked so hard, and I was so happy! And not once did I think about my jiggling arms. Or my jiggling butt, or whatever else on this body that jiggles. And I went on to have one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

Wear your tank tops, your shorts, your bathing suits, and own your jiggle or lack of jiggle. We are the only ones who ultimately get to decide how we feel about it, and we are SO.MUCH.MORE than what jiggles.

Be free, people!



9 thoughts on “Jiggly Arms

  1. Ha. Too funny. I think women in general scruitinize over the silliest minor things. We think the worst case scenario, and we rob ourselves the simple joys by doing that. You went out there comfortable and you enjoyed your work out. Your arms may not have been as bad as you painted them (seeing as we judge ourselves more harshly than others). I used to be the same. I wasn’t dressed as nice as I wanted to be and didn’t go out with everyone only to hear how awesome the night was (like really who of importance is going to look at me and judge?). After this happened a couple of times I finally got over it! Who cares if I go somewhere over dressed or underdressed?! It’s just so silly to miss out because of that. Anyways good read. Very relatable! Let the arms jiggle.

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    • Thank you for reading and sharing your comment, Starr! Isn’t it nuts to think about how much time has been wasted on us judging ourselves? My goal is to buy and wear a bathing suit, without any sort of damn cover this summer. I’ve not had one in my adult life!


      • Yes it is crazy how much we judge ourselves.
        I’ve been consciously trying to catch myself doing it so I can remind myself don’t do it!
        As much as I would love to lead a movement against body shaming … Oh my gosh! I don’t have the “balls” to do that ha! Power to you! I hope you definitely do that with no cares given.


      • I think more than anything, the most difficult aspect of life for me has been to just accept myself for all that I am, not just physical appearance. Perfectionism in every way ate me up for a long time, and I’m finally past it, mostly. But that’s why I love talking about it. I know I’m not alone! I want others to know that they aren’t alone either.


  2. Tiara,
    There isn’t anything wrong with trying to better yourself. It’s when we aren’t happy or thankful for what we already have or the accomplishments that we have already achieved. I appreciate your honesty. I became a planner (but I was never organized). I always planned things and when they didn’t happen the way they should have I would basically shut down. We all have our little “kinks”. I think it comes with age though the things I thought were such a big deal then. Well, now it’s different. Now I’m seeing things more clearly, more thankful, and now if things don’t fall into place.. Oh well! I still continue to strive and do better though. Just recently I’m trying to exercise and be a bit healthier again, and of course I’m trying to plan it. I get so upset with myself when I don’t get up early to go for a jog because I hate waking up in the morning (the fact I dont have my clothes ready isn’t helping either lol) and then I’m like well that ruined any plans to exercise. Haha. Well time to go to bed! Long day! Let’s see if it happens tomorrow morning! Good night!


    • I am also a planner, and I feel like most of my plans don’t come to fruition, but I still HAVE to plan. lol I’m working on that, though. Starting an exercise routine is challenging! I used to work out in the late afternoon, but now having Julia, it’s really easier for me to knock it out first thing in the morning. It’s a struggle, sometimes, though. I finally got myself back into it last week, then strained my lower abdominal muscles, so that’s kept me out of exercise for the last week. AH! But one week in the grand scheme of things is nothing at all. Have you tried sleeping in your workout clothes? Or any other time that will work out better?


      • It’s like I have to work out in the morning. If I don’t it just sets the tone of the day for me.
        I work out in the morning, I eat good, I feel confident, I work out in the evening, and then I try to get myself boosted for the next day. I havent tried sleeping in my work out clothes (def trying that). So be proud of me lol… I cleaned my whole house, bought the right groceries, found my clothes, and I finished anything that would distract me. Luckily I’m off tomorrow so I’m going to set the tone and work out tomorrow :). It is exhausting trying to find the motivation…but today I put away a box of clothes that I fit in some days, but other times I don’t. Hopefully that gets me to it. You sound like a super mom. Raising a kid, working, and working out. Lol stop out doing me and making me look bad (just kidding) . You go super mom (and super blogger). Good night!


      • I completely understand! Not being able to work out due to strained abs has been very hard. Exercise is such a mood regulator, and I always feel when I haven’t been doing it. I do feel fortunate to enjoy it, which is a huge reason I instruct. Did I mention we’re moving? Today, and I’ve been stressed and not able to exercise. Yikes! Lol But it’s all soon about to calm down, thankfully. Did you sleep in your workout clothes? It sounds like everything else is in place for your week! Haha, I do my best to be my best mom.
        It’s a trying job, but it really is awesome. There’s nothing like it!


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