30! Minute! Challenge!

That’s how many minutes I have to write before I must begin the walk to pick up Julia. I like a challenge. 30 minutes is actually a good amount of time to have for writing. Though I do have to put on pants and shoes and be ready to head out of the door at that time. I’m not naked. Not that it would matter. This is my afternoon and I’ll do with it what I wish. Moving on.

At this point I have written and deleted several times. This has become more challenging than I anticipated. “Where’s the quality, Tiara?!” I’m over analyzing what I’m writing. I want to send out something that I perceive as good when I press publish. So I could be writing about something else, but here I am discussing why I won’t publish what I’ve previously written. This is my brain. I love this brain. I have some pretty sweet dreams.

Ten minutes left. How am I doing? Great! Oh, it just switched to nine. I hope my sweatpants are clean. I didn’t think about that earlier. Eight minutes left.

I’m going to end this here. I took the challenge and I feel good about it. If you made it to the end, were you surprised that this wasn’t a fitness challenge? Fair enough.

With five minutes left until departure, I bid you farewell. Stay hydrated, fed, and keep moving.




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