Go deep.

The button says it.


It’s not in all caps. I see it in all caps. And all caps is pretty serious, no?

Aaron and JB are on a date right now, which provides me with this precious time for loud music in the headphones. Muuuuusic. If  it ain’t a part of you, I’m sorry. You’re missing out. But maybe you’re not. Maybe sports is your music. Maybe it’s woodworking. Do your thing, bro.

There is much unrest right now. It can’t be ignored. And in the midst of wondering what comes next, we’re still living our day to day lives, (hopefully) doing our best to bring our own personal strengths and gifts into the world. Whatever work you are doing on yourself, keep at it. Don’t stop. Keep an open mind. Keep conversations going with those who do not see your point of view, and good grief, keep those conversations offline. You and I both know that the comment section of anything does not change perspectives. (Though I’m sure there are occasional breakthroughs.)

Let’s keep going. I believe in us.

I also believe in boudain balls. I didn’t know they were even a thing until I was introduced to Cajun culture. And my boudain balls should be arriving shortly. I will douse them in mustard and enjoy the rest of my Saturday. I hope you do the same.







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